Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trail Wars

 Those of you who ride mountain bikes (and plenty of you who don’t) have probably caught wind of the booby traps set on a trail in the Frederick Watershed. A recent misleading "expose'" by Channel 9 has probably done the most harm in this situation.
  The booby traps that have been set are always on remote trails that are built and maintained by local users. The perpetrator feels that these specific areas should not have any human interference. This does not include the “Blue Trail” or other heavily used, mapped trail that an occasional user would encounter. I know a number of people who were planning a great day out in the woods, only to cancel the plans after hearing the news report. The Channel 9 news report cited multiple tires being slashed, and multiple victims. There has been only one victim with a total of two tires slashed.
   Terrible? Yes. A reason not to come hike or ride your mountain bike? No. The natural beauty of the Frederick Watershed is for us all, and we should not be run out of it for this perpetrators personal agenda, any more than we would deny him his use. Sometimes things like this happen, and not just here in Frederick. Any area where land use dispute exists can fall prey to this type of terrorism.
   The prime suspect here has been an outspoken critic of trails in the watershed for years now, and all encounters, and complaints made by him to the city about trails have been passed along to the proper authorities. He has been associated with a white Toyota Highlander SUV, with DC tags. Multiple sightings and encounters have been made with the driver.


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