Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting around town

So,I do try and get out on the road bike bike when I can. Especially now, when the trails up in the mountain are so muddy. Little is more relaxing then a tool around the countryside on a bicycle. I’m hoping this will happen more this year then ever, what with Sander having a new Gunnar sport, and the Bike Doctor planning some more scenic Sunday rides.

On the other side of downtown, off of East st at 13th, the long awaited pump track is getting to the construction phase. The cities' DPW is due to deliver the dirt in the next month or so! Many members of the Frederick cycling community have been working with FBC to fund, plan and otherwise convince the city that this would be a good thing. Keep tuned in to the FBC website for progress updates and volunteer days. Too bad Tasty Freeze couldn't hang on any longer, although an egg roll after a ride at the track might not be so bad!

Hopefully the rest of Frederick cities’ grand shared use path plan will find funds to reach the action phase, converting a lot of old rail bed into multi use path that will connect up current sections. The envisioned plan will include finishing both ends of Carroll Creek path. The east end with a tunnel under the castle moat that is Rt 15, connecting on the other side with the current path through Waterford park that runs out along Rt 40. On the west to continue past the fairgrounds along the unused rail bed of East st (yes, by the pump track), and on toward Walkersvile. For further information, check here.

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