Monday, March 25, 2013

Rays Womens weekend

Mid-February held the annual Women’s Weekend at Rays’ indoor mtb park, which I was fortunate to coach at. This year had the best turn out yet, with just over 200 women!

During a conversation with Ray, Florida came up again. The Santos trails area, where Ray has bought a house and done, what else, but built some awesome jumps! Small world, lucky for us who ride! Hopefully many of these areas will some day become popular enough with the general public to fund park facilities as nice as those of most softball leagues. The most envy worthy I've seen being in Park City, which have their own bathrooms and a parking lot.

Maybe, if more of us are having fun at pump tracks, on mountain bike trails, or on road rides without the fear of imminent danger, we will all be more willing and abl e to use our bike for tasks usually reserved for cars.

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